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Are you facing challenges in your business?

We get it, you want to innovate faster, you want a collaborative culture and you want teams that share your passion to deliver. This is 10x harder if your organisation is holding on to legacy business models from the previous century.

Let's connect if you're being blocked by any of the following:

  • Deep hierarchical structures
  • Financial targets are the primary target
  • Decision by committee(s)
  • Robust control frameworks
  • Technical debt
  • Silo mentality
  • Misaligned goals
  • Traditional business models
The Elevator Pitch

What we offer

Unlocking an organisations potential could mean innovating faster, solving a specific business problem, developing a new strategy, gaining insight on the latest industry trends, improving internal collaboration or creating a new purpose for your team.

Whatever the objective, ultimately you are going to have to change how people think and act if you want to succeed. It should be simple but the reality is this is the hardest step in the journey.

We provide you with the facility, the facilitation and researched content to help you and your teams think differently so you can act differently and build an organisation that will thrive in an exponential age.

Find out why
Our Venue

There are many types of environment that can invoke a change of thinking…

Your office is not one of them!

We cannot overstate the importance of the environment. The writer who finds inspiration at the isolated cottage by the sea, the googlers who meet sitting on beanbags and the inventors that find inspiration in their parent’s garage.

There are many more examples but one that rarely makes it on the list is the organisation that innovated from its boardroom.  It just doesn’t happen!

Equinox was specifically created to provide a space which encourages ‘out-of-the-box’ and ‘outside-in’ thinking.  Overused terms perhaps, but none the less still critical requirements for any organisation that wants to stay relevant in an exponential world.

At The Equinox, the layout, the sounds, the lighting, the technology, the menus, the layout and even the temperature has been developed to release you and your teams from the shackles that kill creativity and innovation in every organisation.

So if you are looking to maintain the status quo and want to encourage linear thinking click this link for a list of venues that we would recommend.

If however, you want a venue where hierarchy is left outside, crazy ideas are encouraged and the only swear words are “but” or “can’t” then click below and we’ll contact you to discuss how we can help you unlock your organisations potential

Aside from the venue, what else is needed for a great session?

Quality Facilitation

We host upwards of 200 corporate sessions every year, yet many of them fail to maximise the benefits of the venue because of poor quality facilitation. To many clients pay the entrance for the nightclub but fail to employ the DJ.

So whether you decide to use our in-house team or bring your own please, please just ensure you find facilitators who tick the right boxes.

Find out what makes a good facilitator

We’re About More Than Just Numbers

But We’re Proud Of Them, What Can We Say
Space To Innovate


Inspired Minds


New Ideas




Extra, Extra...

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Stephen Van CollerVP: Digital Services, Data Analytics, Business Development - MTN Group

“It was an easy decision to book Equinox to design MTN's 2020 vision. Without a doubt, it is the best space in Africa for senior leadership innovation sessions.”

Stephen PulleyGlobal Managing Director, Client On-boarding and KYC Solutions - Thomson Reuters

“The venue acts as an enabler to richer conversations about how to capitalise on opportunities prevailing in a changing world.”

Ted WillcoxCFO at Pepsico SSA

“Insightful, engaging and always relevant, we were challenged throughout to reassess what actions we need to take if we want to remain competitive.”

Nathalie SchoolingCEO nlighten

“It is by far SA’s most advanced venue for business think tanks….What we experienced blew us away.”

Johann BarnardChief Operations Officer at UNIGRO Financial Services

“Just one word – AWESOME! Everyone in the team benefited tremendously and found new common ground to live our strategic initiatives!!”