Our Purpose

We want to help you unlock your organisation's potential. But Why?

Read On To Understand Our "Why"
Our "Why"

Every time we help a leadership team, take their organisation to the next level, we get a tremendous kick, because we know we are also benefiting society as a whole.

There has never been a time where technological advancement is occurring so rapidly across so many spheres.  Not only that, the advancements are complementary to each other.  Consider how the reduction in energy production and storage costs, the development of faster and cheaper processors and the increased availability of data via the internet of things collectively support the acceleration of artificial intelligence!

Then consider how AI improves our lives in fields as divergent as curated and personalised music or literature, to the advent of driverless cars, to assisting us with our investment and spending decisions and finally to helping us live longer by preventing cancer and heart disease.

The net result?

A virtuous development cycle that introduces products and services that address more societal needs than ever before. Simpler, more accessible and more affordable offerings are creating new markets and solving the previously unsolvable.


At Equinox we believe that every time we help leaders unlock their organisations true potential the decisions and actions that are taken will benefit not only the organisation’s bottom line but society as a whole

Quality Facilitation

We want to help you unlock your organisations potential right?

It should not be a surprise that we will always offer to help you find the best people to design, facilitate and present at your events…..even when the best people are not ours.

So whether you decide to use our in-house team or bring your own

please, please just ensure you find facilitators who:

  • Are willing to carry out the necessary research to understand your industry/issue/culture/etc.
  • Are able to challenge you and your teams in ways, that may be uncomfortable, but that unlock new thinking without offence.
  • Can change tack on the fly during the event.
  • Ensure the day has a natural rhythm and flow.  Every section of the day should have relevance for the next section.  Every conversation held should expose ideas and issues that are explored later.
  • Want to help you because of an alignment of purpose, not money.
  • Will work with you from concept to design to execution to post-session support.
  • Make you laugh.  It’s the quickest way to open hearts and minds to explore new ideas.
  • Have limited tolerance for team building exercises (Solving business problems is the most effective way to build collaborative teams).
  • Feel the jury is out with regard to the benefit of adults playing lego to build strategies.

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